Avers 8 - prices 5000 Soviet Badges in colour АВЕРС №8 - каталог с ценами

"Avers 8 - Catalog of Soviet Badges and Jettons" 2008, V.Krivtsov, АВЕРС №8 - каталог с ценами. Total: 736 pages, E-Book in PDF format

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"Avers 8 - Catalog of Soviet Badges and Jettons" 2008, V Krivtsov, 736 pages,  E-Book in PDF format.

Russian text. An amazing 8 ¼" x 10 ½" x 1 5/8" thick (the coin in one of our photos is an American dime!); The latest in a long running series of reference books, this incredibly comprehensive volume (5,000 items) contains the highest quality color images of Soviet Badges and Jettons available anywhere today.

While its primary purpose is to establish what a given badge is worth, "Avers 8" does cross firmly over into the realm of indispensible reference material: it not only shows you clear, full color pictures of each badge but also the reverses of many badges, too! Plus it tells you what the badge signified! [For example, if you collect soviet graduation badges, with this book you finally have the chance to identify most (if not all) of the badges that you've been collecting.]

As an added feature; interspersed among all of the color images of the badges are occasional period photos of some of them being worn. While not a book about documents per se , there are also some very worthwhile illustrations of unusual award documents, too.

As is true of every price guide that has ever been printed, the prices provided in the book were out of date even as the first copy came off the press, but a comparison of the values shown here will clearly illustrate the relative availability and/or scarcity of Soviet badges when compared to each other.

This book will quite possibly become the source of one of the standard numbering systems that dealers, auctioneers, and collectors will use in future years to identify soviet badges.

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